Get to Know Me & My Philosophy

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Cassie Cuthell, HPCE

I'm overjoyed you've made it to my website and have begun the journey of exploring Hypnobirthing. I've created this space in hopes that you can take something valuable away and that you will make the decision to embark on your positive birth experience with me!

I take on many roles in my life. I'm a Wife, Mum, I work in the Funeral industry and I am a Business Owner.

I am a former Training Manager and worked as a manager in the training sphere for many years. I have around a decade of experience and qualifications in teaching, coaching and education.


You can trust that your Hypnobirthing learning experience with me with be professional, informative and will set you on the path for success.


Hypnobirth Philosophy

I believe that every birthing Mother is entitled to a connected, transformative, and positive birth.

Australia currently has a maternity system that doesn't consider of value enough the emotional well-being of birthing people in combination with standard health care. Unfortunately because of this, birth trauma is on the rise. It is time to take back our births and hold space for women who want to change the narrative. I want all parents, new and experienced, to acquire the knowledge that will empower them to make informed decisions with confidence and trust the incredible process that is birth. For this to happen, I believe pregnant women and their partners must feel supported and their emotional well-being must be protected. 

I feel strongly about providing comprehensive birth education, tools, resources, and strategies necessary to set parents up for success on their journey. Knowledge really is power, and nothing is more powerful or magical than a birthing Mother!

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